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Aqua Purification

Aqua Purification specialises in all aspects of the maintenance of cisterns and the treatment of cistern water. Our mission is to ensure safe drinking water for our customers. Our services are varied and include the following:

Aqua 1· The cleaning of roofs to remove debris that may threaten the quality of the water stored in cisterns.

· The installation of screen mesh on cistern inlets and outlets to minimise contamination (especially from the invasive Cuban tree frogs).

· Water quality testing and treatment of cistern water.

· Installation of water filters and service or maintenance of filter cartridges

· Installation of Ultraviolet light as final treatment phase of water.

· Repair of damaged cisterns.

· Annual service contracts.Aqua 1

Aqua Purification has over twenty (20) years experience in the management of cisterns in the British Virgin Islands. Our services are delivered or supervised by personnel that are highly trained in water quality and environmental management. This combination of training and experience allows us to troubleshoot and solve some of the most difficult problems experienced by our customers. For further information, kindly contact us at (284) 499-7902 or (284) 495-4763 or e-mail us at


Aqua 21) How often should we treat the water in our cisterns? Cistern water should be treated two to three times per year.

2) How often should we clean our cisterns? This depends on the location of the building that houses the cistern and the amount of sediment that it collects, however on average cisterns should be cleaned approximately every five years.

3) How often should we change the cartridges in our filters? Filter cartridges should be changed according to manufacturer recommendations, however, on average cartridges should be changed every 2-3months or depending on water quality.

4) What type of filters should we use? We recommend that you select a filter that removes a) sediment b) taste and odour as well as c) bacteria. Some filters are also capable of removing residues such as trihalomethanes and chloramines ( the chemicals resulting from chlorination of water containing organic material).


Celebrate BVI Environment Month with us during June 2010. Every customer who signs a one year service contract with us during the month of June 2010 will receive a 10% discount.

Some advantages of having your cistern water monitored by Aqua Purification

· You have direct control over the quality of your drinking water.

· You are aware of the treatment of your drinking water.

· As long as there is water in your cistern, you always have an unquestionable source available for use.

· Cistern water will be the most economical source of potable (drinking) water as you don't pay for the water, only for treating it and pumping it through your distribution system.

Be wise - take care of your water supply.


"Drink water from your own cisterns." (Proverbs 5:15)


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Telephone: 284-495-4763

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